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Increase the productivity and quality of your activities and offer increasingly more efficient services to your Customers thanks to our IT solutions designed and developed solely to give life to your ideas.

Innovation = savings + efficiency + quality

* Data from a real Atlas Case study
100k€ /year

Standard maintenance expenditure

30k€ /year

Spending thanks to digital control systems

today 2 weeks

Intervention time not tracked and with manual requests

timer 4 hours

Intervention time traced step by step and with real-time signaling


All the solutions for your needs

Sensor networks & IoT
Digital platforms
Mobile APP
Wireless Systems
Anti-intrusion systems
Access control
Security & encryption
Video surveillance

Our method


Consulting and study

Resource optimization and flexibility are necessary requirements to manage the non-core activities of a company. In this perspective, each intervention starts from a consultancy plan modeled on the client's needs and strategic objectives.


Development of ad-hoc projects

The intervention involves all aspects of FM but is both scalable and adaptable. The coaching is specific, personalized and based on a project work that engages the internal division of research and development.


Operational management and follow-up

An operational phase based on technical-specialist skills and high profile management skills is followed by a control phase to supervise complex interventions and project activities with SLAs, periodic reports and verifications.

Our Case studies

VisioNando for maintenance management

VisioNando is the maintenance management system designed and developed by the ATLAS I.F.M Research and Development Department to quickly resolve faults found at industrial plants or wherever there are plants that need assistance.

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logo visionando 1

HACCP Control

It is the Control center useful for detecting the temperatures and humidity percentages inside the cold rooms.

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HACCP Control per rilevamento temperature celle frigorifere

WControl to improve the Cleaning Service

WControl is the system designed by Atlas to improve the Cleaning Service by constantly monitoring the access flows to the toilet.

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WCONTROL per migliorare il servizio di Cleaning


It is the first rainwater monitoring system.
Thanks to a network of electronic sensors, it monitors the water level below and sends the information to a data processor, also signaling tampering or attempts to open the grid.
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Tombino intelligente per monitoraggio delle acque pluviali

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