Beyond the simple concept of Facility

Always responsive to market challenges, we have consolidated our presence in the area thanks to the strategic contribution of the best IT and TLC technologies applied to the wide range of Integrated Cleaning and Facility Management Services.

Soft services

Cleaning & Pest Control

  • Industrial and Civil Cleaning;
  • Environmental sanitation and aeraulic ducts;
  • Pest control and rat extermination.
Pulizia Criogenica ATLAS I.F.M.
Soft services

General Services

  • Care of the Green;
  • Goods handling;
  • Porterage and delivery;
  • Waste collection and disposal;
atlas i.f.m general services
Hard Services

Maintenance and operation of:

  • air conditioning systems
  • electrical systems;
  • telephone systems and data lines;
  • hydraulic systems;
  • white and black water lifting systems;
  • compressed air systems;
  • fire prevention systems;
  • facilities for the protection of heritage and safety;

Efficiency and speed

Experience healthier and cleaner environments

Whether your company, your office or the structure you live in, the environment in which you live or work needs to be properly sanitized and sanitized to allow you to lead a healthy lifestyle and be able to work in optimal conditions.

We are specialized in the Cleaning sector, offering targeted civil cleaning and industrial cleaning (dry ice cryogenics, high pressure hydrodynamics and micro-sandblasting) of areas and surfaces performed with mechanized machinery and latest-generation equipment.

The use of reliable machinery for operational safety and high yields is an essential prerogative to ensure a high quality standard in every phase of service execution.



Your health is important to us:

Our services provide extreme care for the environment, which is why we use Green Ecolabel products to perform Cleaning and Sanitizing activities.

Ecolabel products comply with the levels of biodegradability established by current European legislation and are free from toxicity dangerous to humans and the environment.

Save time and money with Smart Clean

Smart Clean is the intelligent platform designed by the Technology Department “ATLAS I.F.M. Research and Development” in style “Internet of Things” developed to improve the efficiency and quality of services offered.
Thanks to the use of sensors and actuators, it is able to control and manage the surrounding environment anywhere and at any time, thus allowing to analyze, control and improve the quality and efficiency of the services offered to the customer and intervene where there is be the need.

Environmental control is a great advantage in terms of service quality, energy and economic savings, safety and reliability.

SMART CLEAN includes the complete “Control Center” monitoring and management system:


Control Center is the efficient activity management system, through which you can easily monitor the progress of the cleaning process in «real time».

Il sistema aiuta il Cliente a ottenere informazioni aggiornate sullo stato di avanzamento dei lavori, il calendario e la base di fatturazione.

The system helps the Customer to obtain updated information on the progress of the work, the calendar and the invoice base.

Control Center is the modern and unique solution for the management of Cleaning service


Trust our experience

We are attentive to the health of our workers:

we have our own structure that uses Application Techniques to evaluate and control all the activities performed during the provision of services at the Customer, studying the interest of a source of risk by calculating the risks to avoid the possibility of it becoming a harm to workers.

Our professionals

Careful and expert staff

We believe that people are the beating heart to build a successful company with solid foundations.

Experience and continuous training are the right key to offer a quality service.



All certifications suited for your needs

We voluntarily adhere to international Certification Systems, a tool to improve our business and an important lever to optimize the efficiency of the services provided, satisfying more customers and building a sustainable business.

Compliance with these regulatory requirements significantly enhances our management system and company organization, allowing us to achieve and maintain compliance with the highest international quality standards.

Discover our certifications

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