Collective Catering

For us your lunch break is a moment of pleasure and daily well-being.

For this reason we offer a diversified catering service suitable for every need:

Service delivery method

  • Direct management of kitchens and restaurants

  • Handled management

  • Internal management at public and private offices

Your choice at every meal

Only high quality products

The supply of quality raw materials is a necessary element to guarantee an optimal and highly qualified catering service

To achieve this goal our company uses only the best national products, products with IGP, DOP, “short chain” and “KM 0” products purchased from certified local suppliers.

With this choice we prefer to enhance the consumption of fresh and seasonal products by encouraging the agricultural economy of the territory.


Our menu proposals are bromatologically calibrated and modular according to your needs.

100% food safety

We manage the entire production chain by applying processing methods that are consistent with HACCP food safety and hygiene standards.



Beware of waste and recycling

Our choice to adhere to an eco-circular management model derives from the desire to contribute to generating environmental value through sustainable concrete actions such as:

Atlas eco is betterOur commitment to reducing waste related to the production cycle during the meal preparation process includes

  • Separate selection and conferment of the different materials making up packaging waste;
  • Purchase of products with “returnable” or reusable packaging;
  • Use of eco-friendly plastic pallets and crates that are completely washable and reusable instead of disposable crates and pallets;
  • Disposal and recycling of vegetable oil to contribute to Biodiesel transformation according to specific environmental regulations;
  • Use of eco-labeled products for environmental sanitization to reduce groundwater pollution.

atlas eco is better

Catering types

For companies

We study tailor-made solutions according to the size of the premises made available by the companies, from the design and implementation phase of kitchen equipment and furnishings to create modern company canteens to the complete management of the existing internal kitchens.

ristorazione azirendale atlas
Catering types

For the schools

Particular attention to the nutritional aspects of the little ones to guarantee them a healthy and balanced diet.

Great importance is given to respecting the temperatures for the delivery of meals conveyed in a fresh-hot bond ready to be served by suitable containers and vehicles.

Ristorazione scolastica
Catering types

For Clinics and Hospitals

At ATLAS we take care of the specific and dietary needs of each user:

Our team of food technologists develop personalized menus and special diets according to the different needs of the individual guests.

Ristorazione comunitaria atlas
Catering types

For Religious Institutes and Military Barracks

Our experience gained over the years allows us to operate within religious institutes and military barracks, guaranteeing the customer a service that is always in line with the quality and nutritional standards that distinguish us.

Ristorazione Comunitara
Catering types

For your conferences

We are specialized in the organization of Banqueting services for Coffee Breaks, Representative lunches, Gala dinners and conferences, always guaranteeing maximum efficiency and maximum flexibility in every phase of the service.

A concept of innovative catering

Catering 3.0

Guaranteeing a good service means exceeding consumers’ expectations, which is why our company has created a Custumer Satisfaction system designed to monitor the popularity rating of the ATLAS corporate catering service by answering simple questions.

The feedbacks received make it possible to have a real and immediate feedback to be able to carry out statistical analyzes regarding the qualitative perception of each diner in order to improve the service provided.


All certifications suited for your needs

Our services provide extreme care for the environment. The research for sustainability in our Research & Development laboratory allows our customers to have the maximum results and the maximum savings both in economic terms and in terms of environmental impact.

Discover our certifications

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