Chi siamo ATLAS I.F.M.

Who we are

With over 30 years of experience in the sector, we are today the leading player in Italy in the management of Innovative Facility Management Services, Collective Catering and IT Solutions development. The pursuit of important business objectives and investments in Research and Development have contributed to fostering solid and lasting business growth.

Our business organization

At the base of our entrepreneurial path there is the tenacity of a generation of entrepreneurs engaged for 30 years in Facility Management and the competence of a solid and highly specialized structure, organized according to clear and precise roles.

The experience gained and the desire for continuous improvement make us a trusted partner, with numerous skills able to create added value for the customer.

  • CEO
    • General manager
      • Cleaning area manager
        • Project manager
        • Technical office
        • Area Heads
        • Construction site managers
        • Work units
      • Food area manager
        • Project manager
        • Area Heads
        • Table managers
        • Work units
      • Managing director
        • Finance
        • Purchasing
      • IT Manager
        • Project manager
        • Technical department
      • R&D Manager
        • Laboratory manager
      • Sales manager
        • Commercial network
      • Personal manager
      • Safety and quality

3 guiding principles

Responsibility, mutual transparency, empathy and support are the guiding principles that people belonging to our company must inspire, day by day, their professional behavior by referring to the management style that has always distinguished us.

In many there are already chosen

Why choosing us

ATLAS Facility Way is the strategy of our Group: it describes our collective journey towards the future, presents our Vision and defines our roadmap to success guiding every aspect of our business and outlining the actions necessary to continue sustainable and lasting growth.

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