4 reasons to choose Atlas

Customer focused attention

The company’s main competitive advantage is that of knowing how to work on the needs and above all on the satisfaction of specific customer needs.


Thanks to this peculiarity, ATLAS has today become one of the most important Italian companies in the management of integrated services for the public and private sectors with Global Service interventions aimed at outsourcing services and optimizing the activities of its customers.

More efficiency thanks to the innovative approach

The company’s commitment is focused on offering more efficient services through research, study and application of latest generation IOT and IT technologies to the Cleaning, Facility Management and Collective Catering services provided.

The application of these technologies allows us to benefit from considerable savings in terms of time and money for our customers.

Guaranteed quality

We have always believed in the importance of providing a quality service:

We voluntarily adhere to international Certification Systems, a tool to improve our business and an important lever to optimize the efficiency of the services provided, satisfying more customers and building a sustainable business.

Compliance with these regulatory requirements significantly enhances our management system and company organization, allowing us to achieve and maintain compliance with the highest international quality standards.

In the social field, we collaborate with various research institutions, including the Federico II University of Naples and the CNR National Research Council to offer scholarships to support innovative research.

An ecological & social soul

We care about our planet.

By choosing Atlas you will contribute to protecting the environment and making it a better place for the future as we have implemented 5 Green practices that help us reduce the environmental impact:

  • Improvement of the impact of the differentiated collection on the cycle of activities of the services provided and reduction of the residence time of the waste;
  • Purchase of products with “returnable” or reusable packaging that in turn ensure greater cost containment;
  • Use of Ecolabel certified EU sanitizing products to reduce groundwater pollution;
  • Conversion of waste into new resources;
  • Creating shared value with all stakeholders over time and measuring business decisions by analyzing all the impacts they determine.

All the certificates suited to your needs

Our services provide extreme care for the environment. The research for sustainability in our Research & Development laboratory allows our customers to have the maximum results and the maximum savings both in economic terms and in terms of environmental impact.

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