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With over 30 years of experience in the sector, we are today the leading player in Italy in the management of Innovative Facility Management Services, Collective Catering and IT Solutions development. The pursuit of important business objectives and investments in Research and Development have contributed to fostering solid and lasting business growth.

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  • Innovative Facility Management
  • Collective Catering
  • IT Solutions

Innovative Facility Management

We take over the management of Civil and Industrial Cleaning Services, plant maintenance and Facilities Services in industrial plants and other buildings.

We operate with maximum efficiency and guarantee the maximum result to offer adequately sanitized and hygienically suitable environments.

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Collective Catering

The most effective way to guarantee an adequate supply of energy and nutritive principles is the choice of a healthy and correct diet, for this reason our menu proposals are bromatologically calibrated and modular according to your needs.

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The preparation of meals is carried out by our Chefs according to the traditional methods of Italian Cuisine, maximizing the quality of the processed products and maintaining the organoleptic qualities of the products.

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IT Solutions

We design and develop with you innovative IT solutions for remote monitoring and control with the IoT, mobile APP, augmented reality, digital platforms and many other cutting-edge technologies to increase the productivity and quality of your business.

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Ecosustainability & innovation

Your saving is a savings for the environment

Our services provide extreme attention to environmental sustainability: the goal is to reduce the use of non-recyclable plastic by 90% by 2023, this allows our customers to have maximum savings both in economic terms and in terms of environmental impact.

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Many years of experience and proven knowledge of the working areas in the automotive industries of the Italian territory are our guarantee to be winners on the market and offer quality services.

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In the chemical industrial environment we are specialized in industrial cleaning and sanitization performed in total safety and with advanced machinery suitable for working in plants and painting booths, wastewater collection tanks, confined spaces or with suspected pollution.

Areas covered


We carry out Civil Cleaning, Industrial Technician and Industrial Facility Management activities such as Logistics and Goods Handling in food production or other environments.

Areas covered


We offer specific services for healthcare facilities in line with compliance with European health and hygiene regulations.
In the course of our experience we have specialized in the cleaning of clinics, nursing homes, medical offices, diagnostic centers and dental offices.

Areas covered


Our hotel management & hotel management experience concerns reception and front-office, concierge, guesthouse management, refreshment points and accommodation of rooms in hotels and other hospitable structures.

The professionalism of the ATLAS I.F.M. it will be at your service to make your guests’ stay unique and pleasant.

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The Public sector as Public Administration and Public Participation Companies require the maximum management experience and the ability to respond quickly to the needs in providing services at 360 degrees.

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